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link shortening

Link Shortening

With Tiny, you can easily and securely shorten your long URLs to increase shares and clicks. Power up your shortened links with conversion tracking and split-testing features to understand your audience and make informed business decisions.

Branded domain

Branded Domain

With Tiny, you can shorten any link with your brand instead of a third-party domain. This helps to increase your brand awareness amongst your competitors and make every link you create unique. Branded links are proven to increase the click-through-rate on your link without extra effort.

custom short link

Custom Short Link

Customize your Tiny shortened links to reflect your objectives while making them visually appealing and easy-to-remember. Along with Tiny’s branded domain capability, you can take full control of your short links to the next level.

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Real-Time Analytics

Track your shortened links and get aggregate data in real-time. Know exactly where your traffic are coming from by country, browser, event type, referrer and more.

AB Testing

Link Variation

Tiny is built for results. Together with our conversion tracking ability, you can create A/B split test with your short links to see which destination URL will deliver the greatest bang for your advertising dollars.

geographic linking

Geographic Linking

We know that one size does not fit all. With geographic linking you can segment your traffic by country and direct them to their own customized destination URL!

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Convert anyone who clicks on your shortened links into perfectly targeted custom audience on Facebook, Google Ads, Bing and AdRoll.geting pixel

Retargeting Pixel

Convert anyone who clicks on your shortened links into perfectly targeted custom audience on Facebook, Google Ads, Bing and AdRoll.

deep data conversion

Deep Data Conversion

Aggregate traffic report of your Tiny.ie short links displaying the destination URLs of where and when a conversion took place by country, browser, operating system and more.

secured data vault

Secured Data Vault

Other leading URL shortening providers can make your business vulnerable. By simply adding a “+” sign at the end of the shortened URLs you share, your data is exposed to the public .If your competitors know this little hack, your business will be at risk. With Tiny, we value your data and we know how important your data is, so we have a highly secured data vault to make sure you’re the only one who can access your data.

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Change Link

Change Link

Shared the wrong link or suddenly received a 404 error on on your destination URL? No need to panic. We made it real simple for you. With just a few clicks you can instantly change the destination URLs of any shortened link without having the risk of losing your data or redoing your entire marketing effort.

404 Monitoring

404 Monitoring

Get a piece of mind and avoid any downtimes for your business with our 24-hour link monitoring system. Tiny will instantly notify you if any your shared destination URLs receive a 404 error and you can swap the link right away without altering the shared short link.

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Interstitial Popup

Interstitial Popup

Sharing a destination URL to a website you don’t own but want to send these visitors to your website? Tiny has got you covered! With Tiny, you can create custom call-to-actions on any links you’ve shortened and drive the traffic back to your own website.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Want to shorten links on the fly? With Tiny’s Chrome Extension, you can easily shorten and customize your links right within your browser and when you see a link you want to shorten? You’re just a click away!