With Tiny, you will be able to track the following data: clicks, conversions, clicks by country, clicks by browser, clicks by operating system, clicks by referee, first click conversion tracking, last click conversion tracking, deep data conversions.
Split test as many links as you want to find out which one resonates best with your audience. Get optimal results with Tiny.
You can create as many short links as you want. There is no limit!
You are able to create as many branded short links your plan allows. Pro plans allows you to add one domain which enable you to create unlimited branded links with that domain. Enterpise plans allows you to add an unlimited number of domains with the ability to create unlimited branded links.
Custom Short Links allows you to add a custom alias for your short link.
Example: https://tiny.ie/custom_alias
Branded Short Links allows users to swap out tiny.ie for their own branded url
Example: https://tiny.ie/custom_alias becomes https://branded_domain/custom_alias
Tiny.ie has a “no-refund” policy and you will be charged on a per month basis. If you wish to cancel, you will not be billed for the following month. If you are enrolled in the annual subscription, you will have 3-days (including weekends) after the purchase date to request for a cancellation and get a full refund. After the 3-day cancellation, no refunds will be processed. However, you can still cancel your subscription, so that you will not be billed for the following year, but no partial refunds will be processed for the current annual subscription.
Yes, upgrades to your tiny plan will take affect instantly.
Yes, tiny plans that are downgraded will be reflected at the end of your current plans paid period. This ensures users have all the features they paid for during the higher tier plans.

Got More Questions?

Please visit our knowledge base for more frequestly asked questions and tutorials on how to use our Tiny features. If you have any other questions and concerns, please email us at support@tiny.ie or simply tap the chat icon on the button right corner to have a chat with one of our tiny.ie representatives

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