Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of reasonably frequently asked questions.

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What is is a revolutionary link management software that simply turns any long URLS into shorter ones so that it can be easily shared and used on different digital platforms. It also tracks conversions and provides real-time secured analytics.

What data can I track with my short links?

With, you will be able to track the following:

  • Clicks Today
  • Clicks Overall
  • Conversions
  • Most Popular Links
  • Clicks by Country
  • Clicks by Browser
  • Clicks by Operating System
  • Clicks by Referrer
  • First Click Conversion Tracking
  • Last Click Conversion Tracking

Is there a limit on how many short links I can create?

You can create any many short links as you want. There is no limit!

How long will the generated short links last for?

Once a Tiny short link is created, it will last forever as long as your account is still active!

Can I split test with

Yes, you can split test with for up to 4 other URL variations! You can also assign weights to the different variations so that more traffic will go to ones with more weight than the others.

How much does it cost to use

It only costs $9 USD a month to use Tiny. You can also join the annual subscription for $90 USD and save $18 USD! Get started now with a 14-day free trial!

What is the refund policy? has a “no-refund” policy and you will be charged on a per month basis. If you wish to cancel, you will not be billed for the following month. If you are enrolled in the annual subscription, we will refund the prorated amount to you based on the number of months you have been enrolled. Still hesitant? Get started now with a 14-day free trial!

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